In its constant pursuit of service excellence, in 2000 the Group developed the Quality System for Brasanitas Ambiental and Brasanitas Hospitalar.

With this system, the Brasanitas Group obtained the first ISO 9001:1994 certificate back in 2001 and which it has retained till date.

This way, the Brasanitas Group expanded its capacity and integrity in serving the diverse needs of its clients while improving and streamlining the processes. It is prepared to meet the requirements of the certifications desired or already obtained by its clients, such as:

  • ONA
  • Joint Commission
  • CCHS
  • etc.

The Brasanitas Group is committed to its Quality Management System and has established the following Policy on Quality:

To serve the needs of its clients through:

- Training and development of its employees
- Continuous improvement of work processes
- Qualified vendors

The guidelines of this policy are focused on the following aspects:

- Engagement of all employees
- Belief in the continuous improvement of processes
- Improved organizational performance
- Improved service delivery
- Access to new markets
- Increased client satisfaction

In 2013, Brasanitas Hospitalar became the first in its operating segment to obtain the "Certificate of Distinction in Hospital Hygiene Services", a seal specifically given for hygiene and cleaning services in its segment.

This seal is recognized by the Instituto Qualisa de Gestão (IQG), one of the leading certifying authorities in the health segment in Brazil, and the standard guidelines for obtaining the seal are recognized by the Brazilian Healthcare Hospitality Society (SBHH).

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