The Brasanitas Group's Facilities solution features specialized technicians and integrated management to ensure complete synergy between teams and lower costs for clients.

The Brasanitas Group offers unique operational and management plans that incorporate a robust vision of facilities at all levels.


Process Management

  • All processes are 100% customized during the implementation phase;
  • The creation of performance indicators for all processes supports integrated management and facilitates decision making.
  • It promotes the PDCA.

Training & Recycling

  • Technical training conducted by specialized support teams;
  • Innovative training and recycling programs to develop facility leaders.

Full Regulatory Compliance

  • Our expert technical team guarantees 100% regulatory compliance of all processes;
  • Compliance with technical and regulatory standards is one of our core values.

Audits & Preventive Actions

  • The quality assurance team conducts regular audits to assess service quality;
  • Specific action plans are implemented to correct any deviations;
  • Adoption of PDCA.

Group Companies

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