Brasanitas Hospitalar is the leading provider of cleaning services for hospitals, clinics and laboratories. After all, it’s 30 years of operations and constant renovation in the segment.

Thanks to this vast experience, it has specialized in health infrastructure operations, staying abreast of the best practices in healthcare hospitality services.


  • Hospital cleaning
  • Hospital bed management
  • Internal Collection I and II of Waste
  • Linen Pickup and Maid Services
  • Support services
  • Access control


  • Pioneer in the management of a multidisciplinary team supervised by nurses and hoteliers
  • Brasanitas Hospitalar quality system model is ISO 9001:2000 certified
  • Operating procedures compliant with ONA, CCHSA and Joint Commission International (JCI) requirements.
  • First company to receive the “Certificate of Distinction in Hospital Hygiene Services” from IQG and SBHH
  • Continuous education and training based on best practices and laws
  • Development of new technologies together with leading vendors
  • Monitoring of activities through performance indicators
  • Exclusive system for evaluation of services by users
  • We work with local structures and corporate techniques (teams managed or assisted by nurses)
  • Methodology based on standardized operations with customization capability
  • Preparation of Manuals for Technical and Operations Management (Management Manual, Biosafety Manual and Risk Matrix)
  • Development and customization of tools (performance indicators, reports and checklists of activities, schedules, periodical technical assessments, evaluation of reaction to training and contingency plans)


A Brasanitas Hospitalar is the first company to obtain the “Certificate of Distinction in Hospital Hygiene Services” from the Instituto Qualisa de Gestão (IQG), which was ratified by the Brazilian Healthcare Hospitality Society (SBHH).

To obtain the certification, a manual containing the standards ratified by SBHH was prepared. Divided into sections, the Manual lists the key concerns with services on the following fronts: Leadership, Supply and Equipment Management , Technical Area, and Contract Management, among others.

The next step was to evaluate the quality of services provided by Brasanitas Hospitalar. For this purpose, audits were conducted in two phases. The first phase,  conducted by IQG, covered internal administrative processes such Human Resources, Supplies, Procurement, Logistics, Contracts, Facilities and Maintenance, as well as the Technical, Commercial, Marketing and Quality Areas.

During the second phase, the quality of the services provided was verified through an audit conducted at a client to prove the services provided. This audit was conducted at a hospital located in the city of Santo André (São Paulo) as it was a large and complex institution with a mature and receptive structure for a process required for a certification of this stature.

The Certificate of Distinction in Hospital Hygiene Services was based on the ONA methodology. Another significant aspect is that the audits also took into consideration international criteria and all the values and principles required for the certification.

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