Infralink Manutenção e Serviços is a Brasanitas Group company that provides building maintenance services.

It operates in an integrated manner and offers solutions that are in perfect harmony with its clients’ operations.  Its projects are implemented by a team with experience in technological and innovative solutions.

Infralink Manutenção e Serviços has been expanding its client base while gaining the loyalty of its existing clients, responding to the market’s needs while always focusing on the specific requirements and aspects of each agreement, offering a wide variety of smart maintenance and quality management solutions, and employing new technologies.


  • Operation and maintenance of building and industrial infrastructure
  • Operations, maintenance and monitoring services in mission critical environments
  • Operations and maintenance services in high and low voltage electricity systems
  • Operations and maintenance services in refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  • Operations and maintenance services in water and sanitation systems
  • Operation and maintenance of telephone, network and logical systems
  • Internal logistics


  • SGF : Facilities Management System (proprietary maintenance system)
  • SGR : Remote Management System (24x7)
  • System for online monitoring of patrols via tablets
  • Fleet monitoring system
  • Real-time vision of the performance of equipment and facilities
  • Rapid intervention by maintenance teams
  • Reliability engineering
  • Operations guided by management by processes
  • Internal audits of quality and engineering: ISO 9001:2008
  • Analysis of indicators based on the Balanced Scorecard
  • Monthly quality committees: Analysis of indicators
  • Professional and technical development and training programs
  • Establishment of SLAs and KPIs
  • Energy management system
The Infracode reader will be fixed in a critical area to ensure that the inspector is in the inspection area.
An audible and visual alarm will inform the time established for inspection on the tablet, in the management system (SGF) and in the Infralink Monitoring Center. If no inspection is performed, the system will automatically identify the Service Order as pending.
The Service Order for inspection will only be open when the person in charge of performing the inspection reads the InfraCode placed on the Critical Area.
After inspection is concluded, all of the information (time, person in charge, etc.) will be available in the system, guaranteeing complete control of the operation.

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